Diverta Drain

Water And Ice By-Pass System

We include a "Diverta Drain Water and Ice By-Pass System" as part of our exterior Radon Mitigation installations.


"Water Separators",  "Water By-Pass Drain Systems", "Condensate By-Pass" and "Condensation Diverters" are all terms to describe a device installed to extend the life of a radon fan.

Water condensation in the exterior exhaust pipe of a radon mitigation system can be a serious problem, especially in colder months.  The radon fan pulls the warmer moisture laden air from under the sub-slab and sends it outward through the exhaust pipe in the form of very high humid air.  The warmer humid air inside the exhaust pipe comes in contact with colder winter air and condenses back to water or ice inside the exhaust pipe.  The ice can break up and fall back into the fan housing causing damage.  The condensed water can also drain back into the fan housing causing additional wear on the fan.  This action is a natural occurence and can shorten the life of the fan.  Therefore, most leading radon fan manufacturers recommend installing a water-bypass drain system.

However, a water by-pass drain system is not required and many radon mitigation companies do not include such a system as part of their installation package.

We at Dominion Radon LLC install the Diverta Drain System as part of our installation package.