1.   Dominion Radon's Warranty Programs


       Dominion Radon offers two warranty types.  They are as follows:


 Standard Warranty


    • This is a 5 year coverage of parts and labor
    • This coverage automatically comes with the Radon Mitigation installation


 Radon Gold Plus Warranty


    • This program is offered to extend the warranty beyond the original 5 year warranty period
    • This warranty also covers any parts and labor for any failed parts
    • The warranty also guarantees that the EPA action level of under 4pCi/L is maintained through the life of the Radon Gold Plus Warranty
      • The level is based on a long term Alpha Track Detector testing device which is included with a radon mitigation system installation
    • An annual fee will be charged for this extended service


With the Radon Gold Plus Warranty you will be able to sleep comfortably at night knowing for less than a dollar a day your system will work flawlessly.  If something should occur, it will be repaired quickly and correctly the first time.  So rest easy with the wise decision of purchasing the Radon Gold Plus Warranty.


2.   Diverta Drain  Water and Ice Bypass Systems


The Diverta Drain is a water bypass system that works to prevent condensed water and/or ice from passing back through the radon fan, thus reducing the life of the radon fan.  As the condensation forms, water and ice can build up in the radon exhaust system above the fan.  The water and ice will fall back into the fan causing possible damage and will shorten the life of the fan.  The Diverta Drain system helps prevent the ice from blocking the fan.  Once the ice has melted, water simply flows past the radon fan by way of the Diverta Drain.


Not all installers use a system to prevent the water and ice from reaching the radon fan.  We at Dominion Radon include the Diverta Drain as a standard feature with each Radon Mitigation system installation.  Dominion Radon believes that the Diverta Drain water bypass system is a most efficient way to extend the life of your exterior radon fan.


3.   PVC Schedule 40 Exhaust Pipe


Dominion Radon only installs PVC schedule 40 pipe for the radon exhaust system.  Other companies may use rain gutter downspouts for their radon exhaust system.


Why do other companies use a metal gutter system to exhaust the radon gas?  They do this because it is cheaper and faster to install than other materials.


We at Dominion Radon believe in quality products and this is why we use the schedule 40 PVC pipe from the ground to the roof.  PVC schedule 40 is superior in terms of strength and durability.  The most important feature is that PVC does not produce as much condensation on a cold day like a metal downspout does.  The condensation will turn into ice and/or water and drop down through the radon fan causing damage and reducing the life span of the fan.  This is another reason to insist in the Diverta Drain water bypass system as part of your radon mitigation installation.


4.   Radon Fans with Manufacturer's 5 Year Limited Warranty


Dominion Radon LLC uses only radon fans with a manufacturer's 5 year limited warranty.  We provide replacement labor at no charge.


5.   Service Central amd Northern Virginia


             Dominion Radon LLC services both Central and Northern Virginia.


6.   No Obligation Home Estimates and Consulting


Dominion Radon LLC will visit your home, free of charge, to consult with you, the home owner, to make recommendations and explain different options before quoting a price.  There are no sales pressures, only information to help make an intelligent decision concerning radon issues.


We only want to install your radon mitigation system if you are comfortable and have an understanding of the process.


7.   Credit Card Convenience Offered


We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER credit cards for your convenience.  If you wish, you may pay with a major credit card over the internet or at your home when a Dominion Radon representative comes to give an estimate.


8.   Radon Fan Repair and Replacement For Systems Installed by Other Companies


If your radon fan has stopped working (even if it was installed by another company), we will replace it with a new radon fan.  We offer free estimates.


We can come to your house and replace your old non-working fan with a new 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty.


9.   Upgrade and Retrofit Your Existing Radon Mitigation System with a New Diverta Drain Water and Ice Bypass System


To increase the life of your existing radon fan, we can come out to your home and upgrade your radon mitigation system with a Diverta Drain water bypass system.  This addition will increase the life of your radon fan.  We offer free estimates.


10.  Dominion Radon LLC's Business is Installing Radon Mitigation Systems


There is no conflict of interest by testing our own installations.  The home owner or a seperate radon testing company is used to remove any conflict of interest of our installations.